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Published: 01st March 2007
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Islamic paintings of holy places and the islamic calligraphy of the holy verses have always been very sacred for the muslims. However, In islam, there are certain limitations regarding the creation of paintings. Islam prohibits the depiction of humans, animals or any another figurative subjects ( ).It is to prevent believers from idolatry. That?s why, the Muslim culture has no religiously motivated painting (or sculpture) tradition. Pictorial activity was reduced to Arabesque, mainly abstract, with geometrical configuration or floral and plant-like patterns.

Architecture and calligraphy have strong connection in the Islamic arts. These can be widely seen as used for the painting of tiles in mosques or in illuminations around the text of the holy Koran and other books. In fact abstract art is not an invention of modern art but it is present in pre-classical, barbarian and non-western cultures many centuries before it and is essentially a decorative or applied art.

Some muslim countries have cultivated a rich tradition in painting. Iranian or Persian art, widely known as Persian miniature, concentrates on the illustration of epic or romantic works of literature. Persian illustrators deliberately avoided the use of shading and perspective, though familiar with it in their pre-islamic history, in order to abide by the rule of not creating any life-like illusion of the real world. Their aim was not to depict the world as it is, but to create images of an ideal world of timeless beauty and perfect order.

The Muslims of the modern times love to adore their homes, offices and place of their work with the Islamic paintings and the Islamic calligraphy. These leading Islamic paintings include the paintings of the Khana kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabvi ( Mosque of the Holy Prophet ). The Islamic calligraphies especially the verses from the Holy Quran and the verses from the sayings of the Holy Prophet in Arabic language are very sacred to muslims and these are always in great demand.

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